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More Homes

Nick's other house

Next, we found Nick's third season house.

Side of Nick's house
This was easy to spot because of the staircase
leading down to the drive.


Nick's door

Also very recognizable because of the bell.

Jesse bell

As demonstrated by Jesse in Undertow.


Paul's house
Across the street, we spotted Paul's house. Strange irony in that.


Fish market

Down the road, we found Teddy's.

Teddy's place

Tasha's place of employment.


Tasha and Teddy

As evidenced here.

Tasha's house
In the same location is Tasha's house. Funny how she could afford waterfront property but Paul couldn't.


Buying the house

Tasha convinces her old man to give it a go.

Nearby are the buildings that housed the production
offices and the studios.
Another studio building
It was amazing to imagine what kind of magic was
performed in these buildings.

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