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All Around the Town

Raven store
We also ventured around the area and had to stop when we saw this sign.


Karen at store
It was a great little shop with tartan lobsters.


Save Easy

In town was the Save Easy supermarket...

Smooching at the Save Easy

Where Nick and Jesse shopped.



And the bank...

Tasha and Kyle at the bank

Where Tasha had her driving lesson with Kyle.


Pawn shop
Nearby was the antique store where Brenda sold her clock.


Boatyard Grill sign
Eagle-eyed Andrea spotted this sandwich board from the Boatyard Grill in front of the Hubbard's Cove Inn...


Dinner at Hubbard's Cove Inn
Where we had dinner one night after a very long day at Lunenberg.


Karen and Andrea at dinner

The weary travelers await their food.

Karen and bread

Which was delicious, even the bread!


Beautiful food

And artistically presented.

Karen yummy face
We were rewarded with the most delicious dessert, Chocolate Decadence. The food was so delicious we made the chef and innkeeper come out of the kitchen so we could applaud them.


In case you were wondering how Dawson Leary spent his summer vacation, he was working at the Hubbard's Cove Inn.

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