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This Is the House That Nick Built

Aggie's shack
With Terry Harnish's excellent directions, we ventured off to find the other homes used in Black Harbour. This is Aggie's shack. Tip: If you're planning to check this out Don't climb down the ditch like we did; use the road.

Front of shack

Side view.


Nick and Jesse at shack

Aggie often had visitors like Nick and Jesse.

Andrea and Karen at shack

And visitors like Karen and Andrea.


Looking at shell
Jesse explains the significance of the shell Aggie gave her.


Showing a shell to Karen

As do I with Karen.

Nick's house

Down the road, we found Nick's second season cottage.

Nick walking to house

Very easy to spot because of the little bridge to the front door.


Nick's dock

Also distinguishable from the back because of the dock.

Nick on dock

Nick got a lot of use from this dock.


Anonda on beach

Unfortunately, the dock is a little too exposed, as Anonda was soon to find out...

Karen skips

As was Karen.

Anonda shocked

Loss of innocence.


Karen shocked

Poor Karen.

Skipping rocks

This stretch of beach looked a lot like the one on which Nick and Carolyn had their little stone-skipping contest.

Nick skips rocks

Very similar.

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