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What's New

10/10  Added pictures from the On the Line movie premiere in New York City.

9/16  Added screencaps of Lance from the Ananda Lewis Show. Also added link to Unofficial Kevin Gibbons Fan Page.

1/17/01  Added new Lance and Joey artwork.

12/8  Added concert photos from San Diego Sports Arena, December 2 show.

11/11  Added concert photos from Continental Arena, November 6 show.

10/1  Added .wav files to Lance's Millionaire page and the SNL page. Also added October's TV schedule.

8/10  Added screen shots from the making of the McDonald's commercials.

7/15  Added screen shots from MTV's "Inside TRL" video.

6/10  Added screen shots from Saturday Night Live.

6/3    Added screen shots from Gloria Estefan's TV special.

5/31  Added cover of Nickelodeon Magazine to Magazines page.