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* Who Wants to Kiss a Millionaire? *

Here are screen shots from Lance's appearance on the celebrity edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Lance earned $125,000 for Challenge for the Children. Way to go, Lance! To contribute to Challenge, send your donation to:

Challenge For The Children
500 5TH AVE, SUITE 3000
NY, NY 10101 

These screen shots and .wav files are courtesy of my friend Fran, who graciously puts up with my obsession.

Lance clap

Lance's fast fingers

Deep in thought

"I am so ready."

Giving the correct answer

"And that's my final answer."

Lance knows the answer

Hoping he's right

"I said URBAN."

Lance smiles Considering his options

"Yeah, final answer."

Lance hits $1,000

Talking it out Whew!

"It's a lot harder up here. Whoo!"

Lance makes the big bucks for charity

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