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More Hubbards

We stayed at the charming Wyndecrest Bed and Breakfast, which was used as the Hubbard/Haskell family house in "Black Harbour".

Nick lean

What's this? Could it be? Nah, Nick Haskell didn't make an appearance, but I had the next best thing with me...


Karen lean

Karen kindly stood in for Nicky boy.


All lean

All of us do the Haskell Lean.


We finally tore ourselves away from the boatyard and made our way to Wyndecrest. I kept expecting Anonda to run out and greet us.


Boatyard from Wyndecrest

This is the view of the boatyard from Wyndecrest. Even though it looks far, it's just a short drive around the cove. We even walked it one day.


Boatyard at sunset

Here it is at sunset.

Nick and beer on porch

The porch of Wyndecrest was used in almost every
episode. Here, Nick enjoys a cold one while discussing his marriage with Kit.


Me on porch

Keith's tastes even better on the Wyndecrest porch. Thanks to Karen for this picture.


Me on dock

This is me on the dock behind Wyndecrest.

Nick and dad on dock

And here's Nick and his mommy and daddy.


Andrea and Karen on dock

A much happier pair, Andrea and Karen.

Cove sunset

Sunset over the cove.

More Hubbards  

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