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Karen and EJ

Tuesday: We arrive at Halifax airport and the first man to greet us was Captain EJ. Okay, so he was cardboard, but who's counting? Here's Karen with our main squeeze. (Thanks to Karen for these first two pictures.)

Me and EJ

Here's me. Hey, a hard man is good to find, no?
Boatyard sign

We drove from Halifax to Hubbards. We had just
pulled into Hubbards when we saw this sign.

Boatyard exterior 1

It was so surreal, seeing the boatyard up close. I never imagined how real it would all be.


Boatyard exterior 2

Boatyard exterior 3


Boatyard grill

This is what used to be the Boatyard Grill

Me at the grill

And me in front, waiting for someone to serve me the catch of the day.


Boatyard grill interior

This is the inside of the grill. Not much to see since it was stripped and all the risotto pots were sold. Sigh.


Nick and Kit in the grill

It looked much better on the show.

Nick on the wharf

What's Nick looking at?

Buddy's pink boat

Oh, it's just Buddy's pink boat. (Okay, not really, but it
could have been!)


Stunt boat

This is the Whip the Wind. It was used in season
two's "Birth of a Notion".

Whip of the Wind

Here, it's used to bring passengers to a high school

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