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In and Around Black Harbour

Nick hugs dad

The dock behind Wyndecrest was the site for many a touching scene, such as this one between Nick and his father.

Me and Karen hug

Karen and I reenact that Very Special Black Harbour moment.

Marie and kids at club
The Shore Club was the site of many scenes in Black Harbour, including this one in which Marie sells Tasha a fake ID.


Andrea buys ID

Here's Andrea trying to get one from Karen for the big Saturday night lobster supper.


Hubbards Beach

Next, we hit the Hubbards beach. It was actually warm enough to swim, but none of us had suits so we settled on just admiring the ocean view.


Nick and Jesse on beach

The beach was also used for most of the beach scenes in Black Harbour, my favorite being this one.


Nick run

Here's Nick running to Jesse.

Karen run

Karen kindly demonstrates the technique.


Hubbards church

Down the road from Wyndecrest is the church where they filmed Francis's funeral in The Legacy.


Nick at church

Here's how it looked in the show.


Here they are standing around the gravesite.

Andrea and Karen at gravesite

Andrea and Karen share a moment of silence.

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