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More Black Harbour

Ice cream place

We took a walk around the cove, and across the street from the boatyard is this ice cream store.

Ice cream cones

We stopped off and and had a few cones. If Nick, Paul, and Buddy were cones, this is how they'd size up.


Nick licks

Nick and Anonda eat ice cream in Another Country.

Eating ice cream

As do Andrea and I.


Nick and Anonda

Here, Nick is telling Anonda about her grandparents...

Karen and Andrea eat ice cream

Nana and Bumpa!

Handcuff road

This is the road leading down to the boatyard. What's so interesting about it?


High noon

It's the road where Nick got busted in High Noon.
Note the library in the background.

Hubbards library

Here's our resident prim librarian posing in front.

Karen and pole

Lest you think she's entirely prim, what are those ropes you're leaning on, Karen?


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