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Toronto Investigated

Makeup counter
No tour would be complete without a trip to the mall. Here I am at the counter in The Bay department store... seen in If Looks Could Kill.

Makeup shooting
Some people don't know how to take no for an answer.


If looks could kill

See what happens?

Bay staircase
These are the stairs leading to the phones where Schanke called the victim's next of kin.


Nick on stairs

Here's Nick walking down the stairs.

Blackwing building

The front of this building was used in Blackwing,
when protestor Vachon made an appearance on the news.

Unreality street
Moving along, we came to the street used in Unreality TV.


View of the street
This is where Nick was caught on camera after being shot.


Unreality Nick
Here, Nick vamps out while chasing the gunman down an alley.


Karen looking in alley
Karen checks out the alley. No guman, no vampire.


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