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The Tour Continues

BCE Place

Our next stop was BCE Place, an architectural masterpiece. One of the virtual reality scenes in Games Vampires Play was filmed here.

Virtual Nick

Remember the scene where Nick is hunting Megan?

BCE reality

"Please don't kill me!"


Nick vamps

Then he got all vampy.

Me vampy
This is the gate. You really do feel vampy standing next to it.


Nick finds klew

Then Nick found a klew.

Karen finds klew
There are klews all over BCE Place. You just have to know where to look.


Karen vampy
All that klew finding made Karen feel vampy.


She ended up grabbing one of the locals on the street.


Police headquarters

I think our tour guides were trying to tell us something when they took us to Metro Police headquarters. I never saw such a clean police station before. Not that I've been inside many police stations. Really! This one even had a gift shop.

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