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Toronto Tour 1999

On October 15, Karen T. and I descended upon the innocent city of Toronto, where we were given a fabulous and informative tour of the city's Forever Knight locations by Upper Canada Connection representatives Marg and Karen B.

Humber Nursery

Our first stop was Humber nursery...

Roger and Natalie
...where psycho Roger Jameson took Natalie for a
night of fun and frolic in Only the Lonely.


Karen in nursery
We weren't sure in which building they actually filmed that fateful scene where Roger chases Nat, but this one was close enough. Run, Karen, run!


Natalie runs

At least Karen didn't trip like Natalie.

CN Tower
We were taken to downtown Toronto, where we once again saw the "highest of highs", the CN Tower.


Spin hotel

Nearby was the hotel used in Spin Doctors.

Stranger Than Fiction roof
The roof of this building was the site of the roof scene
in Stranger Than Fiction.


Flying street
This street was used for some of the stock flying scenes.


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