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Peggy's Cove

Wednesday morning we hit the road for Peggy's Cove, a quintessential fishing village with a population of only about 64.

Here's the lighthouse. I believe it's the only one in the world with a post office in it.


Other side of lighthouse

Another view.

Karen hugs lighthouse

Have you hugged your lighthouse today?

Leaning against lighthouse

Karen does the Nick pose.


Lobster traps

We saw plenty of these all week.

Cove at Peggy's Cove
On the way back to Hubbards we passed some beautiful scenery.


Andrea glasses
And stopped for lunch at a wonderful place called the Gingerbread House. Andrea gives me the eye.


Three very satisfied customers. I even had little
gingerbread men for dessert (that's me in the middle). They were soft. Heh heh.


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