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Keith's horse

We arrived in Halifax on Monday and the first thing
we did was hop on the free Keith's Brewery horse-drawn cart waterfront tour.


Keith's Brewery

This is the old factory. The beer is no longer brewed here.


The cart took us through the streets of
Halifax, and we passed a park. I think this is the Citadel.

Andrea and Karen at Brewery

Andrea and Karen pose in front of the factory. Why do I love Keith's? It's the beer of choice for Nick Haskell!

Halifax boat

We saw lots of neat things in Halifax, like this boat.

Halifax lighthouse

And this lighthouse thingy.



Nova Scotians sure like their crystal.

Film studio

This is a film studio.


Halifax wharf

This is the wharf. There were lots of shops and restaurants, and it was so clean.


Maritime Museum

"I'm the king of the world!" Karen and Andrea in front of the Maritime Museum, which houses an extensive Titanic exhibit.


Karen and soup

We stop for lunch. Karen and I have a most delicious fish chowder.


Andrea's fish 'n chips

While Andrea has the specialty of the province, fish 'n chips.


Andrea and lobster

And for dinner, a lobsterfest!

Playing with food

The food you can play with!



And for dessert, our very own Mountie!

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