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Props and Photo Ops

While the auction was going on, there was a room set up with props from some of the TV shows with which Jon was involved, and we found two very special items.

Karen and Caddy
Like this needs explanation. The only thing that would have made this perfect is if we were able to sit in it. I can't say I blame the owner. I can only imagine the stains we would have left on the seat.


Caddy front
The infamous front. The owner even used Nick's
plate number.


We're not worthy

We're not worthy!

Remember the cages in Francesca, where Francesca kept her dinner?


Caged Heat I

Caged Heat I.

Caged Heat II

Caged Heat II.


Karen hugs wall
On the other side of this wall was the Caddy.


Booty call

Booty call.


Me and Doug
Later that night we had the opportunity to mingle with the celebs. Here I am with the incredibly gifted LFN storyboard artist Doug MacRae.


Doug and Karen

And Karen, Doug, and some very enticing berries.

Me and Nigel

Here I am with the incredibly tall Nigel Bennett.

Nigel and Karen
And here's Karen, much closer in height.

Pink pole

Sometimes a large, pink pole is just a pole.

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