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Weekend Activities

Throughout the weekend, there were other activities besides the auction to keep us occupied.

Karen on subway
Thursday evening, Karen and I took the very reliable
Toronto area public transportation and ventured


Hockey Hall of Fame

Oh look, hockey!

Hummingbird Theatre
We stumbled upon the Hummingbird Centre for the
Performing Arts, where Geraint Wyn Davies emcee'd an awards show.


Spaghetti Factory
Then we ate dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory where a scene from The Fix was filmed.


Nick eats in The Fix

Remember Nick and the spaghetti?

Karen eats

Karen sure did.


Karen and Jack
We found Dawson in Hubbard's; in Toronto we found Jack. Will we have to go to Vancouver to find Pacey?


Karen hugs CN Tower
The night was young, so we trekked over to the CN Tower. It's really easy to find; you just look up until you smack into it.


Me on CN floor
There's a very cool glass floor at the top of the tower, where you can look down and see, well, really far down.


Karen split

And for the limber out there....

Karen grabs butt

Karen gets naughty with the natives.

Scary bear
And nearly gets eaten by the local wildlife!

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