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The Road to Lunenberg

Musical lobster
On Thursday, we decided to drive down to Lunenberg to do a little whale watching. We stopped for breakfast and I entertained Andrea and Karen with my musical Craw. Thanks to Karen for this picture.


Mahone Bay

On the way, we stopped off at Mahone Bay.

Mahone Bay 2

A view of the Bay.

Lunenberg approach

This is what Lunenberg looks like as you approach.


We didn't see any whales that day but we did see some beautiful boats.


Another boat


Boat on the water Sailing ship


The Ovens

Also these caves, called The Ovens.

Seal rock

And some seals lounging and frolicking in the water.



Mostly, we just enjoyed being on the boat.


"Go wet or go home!"


Lighthouse Karen on boat



This is a view of the town from the boat.

Bluenose II
And this is the famed Bluenose II, the image of which is on the Canadian dime. Thanks to Karen Tobin and Nick Haskell for this information.


Blue Rock
Earlier that day, John Porter told us we should check out Blue Rocks, south of Lunenberg, while we were out there, so we did.


The fearless photographer knows no obstacle to
getting the perfect shot.


Hut on water

The scenery was well worth the drive.

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