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Nearing the End

Another immediately recognizable building, which is really a library.


Police station

But served as the second and third season precinct.

Running in the street
This seemingly innocent discount store was the place where Nat and Reese watched the precinct blow up with Nick inside in Black Buddha.


Black Buddha

Nat realizes Nick is still alive and runs to him.

Ben Bass

This publicity photo of Ben Bass as Vachon...

Karen publicity photo
...was taken in the front of this store. I think Karen looks much better.



As if this were planned, we found this vintage Caddy on the street.

1966 alley
This was a gift from our tourguides. This alley was the same one used in 1966.


The magic of television. It's a bit dark, but this is the scene where Nick and the Tofflers plot their escape.


Fix beach
We were next brought to this beach, which was used in The Fix.


Nick and Schanke at beach

Nick enjoys his day in the sun.

Fix suicide

Unfortunately, this guy didn't have as good a time.


Nancy in car

Neither did Nancy. Something about that tree....

Me on beach

No trip to a foreign beach would be complete without
the requisite me-touching-the-water photo. Somehow,
this water didn't look too appealing.


The tour concludes
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