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* More SNL *

Here are the guys in a skit in which they play prep school students. Get a load of Joey's makeover.

Stealth students Show and tell with Chris
"Get your hands off me, you old poodle-man!"
Scared of Cheri Oteri Who is this crazy lady?
Joey likes the BSB "We're into the Backstreet Boys." Skippy More Skippy
"You take a narcotic for fear of flyin'?"
JC asks a question
Justin talks politics Happy ending

Here they are singing "Bye Bye Bye."

Lance dance JC sings Bye Bye Bye

And for the finale, "I Thought She Knew".

Lance and JC Joey and Justin Chris, JC, and Lance Cool Lance
Lance sings Joey sings Group sings More JC and Lance

'N Sync says bye bye bye to Joshua Jackson and the SNL gang

Josh and friends


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