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 *Heavenly Lance*

These are screen captures from Lance's appearance on the WB's "7th Heaven".  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture. Some of the pictures also have sound clips, thanks to the wonderful Frannie!

Enter Lance

Gratuitous butt shot

Stunt Lance

Lance reads

"No way"

Not gonna date

"No I'm not"

Already has girlfriend "No, you couldn't."

Unconvincing "No, you couldn't."

Little Ricky is about to get wrangled

Snagged! "I didn't say that."

Ricky gets a phone call "Hi."

Lance on phone

Talking with the babe Explaing the situation Negotiating the deal She seems reasonable "You sound nice"
Keeping it platonic Listening Everything's set Happy Rick "So I guess we have a date tonight, huh?"

Waiting for the dates Nervous in front of dad
Not sure what to say Merit scholar Rick Defending big brother Meeting the date "Wow." "Wow" Satisfied Rick
At the movies "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" Hearing the story Concerned Ricky "I'm sorry." "Let's go outside" "Wish I didn't have a girlfriend"
Bumming over girlfriend He'd like to kiss her Getting ready to kiss her "That didn't even make sense" The Creeping Arm Waiting for the right moment
Moving in for the kill Here it comes The kiss! More smooching Post-kiss syndrome Ricky is proud of his work "She's cute, huh?"
Sexy Lance  He's the man Saying goodbye
"I know who to call."

The long kiss goodnight

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