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The Auction Continues

Jon points

Jon and Nigel get the crowd revved.

Wentworth and Hewlett
The tag team of Scott Wentworth (Kung Fu: The Legand Continues) and David Hewlett (Traders) kept us in stitches.


Hope's headset
Barclay Hope (Psi Factor) brought some interesting and tantalizing accessories,
including this headset.


Evil Roger
Here's Barclay as psycho-killer Roger Jameson on Forever Knight ("Only the Lonely").


Barclay's chain
Another great accessory, Barclay's chain.


Barclay's rope

But by far, the best were these ropes.

Karen in bondage
Karen experiences the pleasure of Hope on a rope.


Hope Coke
Of course, Barclay auctioned off a Coke Can.


Hope smoke
But for some reason he needed a cigarette afterward....


Von and glove
Von Flores (Earth: Final Conflict) brought his own glove.


Von hand

Need a hand, Von?

Von vamp
Here's Von in his appearance on Forever Knight
("Can't Run, Can't Hide").


Von kneeling
Poor Von, under pressure to get more money for his Coke can than Barclay, realizes what he must do to please the crowd.


Von shirtless
Looks like stripping for charity is the way to go.


Stripping for charity

With a chest like this, can you blame us for trying?

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